Leadership speech

I should be a good leader because I am not afraid of speaking.

I would like to be no leader and if I hat two choice I would e learning leader.

A good leader makeSTo public speaking and speak outa loudly and not being shy teaching kids to be god ahnd don’t.e bad at school orr else the lipple kids well follow yeu and don’t b e siwlly out in rhe ysrd and aslo domt litter

I am a good leader since I can speak and I’ve spoken before and in awso in no shy wen I speak.

Film fest reflections

Film fest reflection

Rating⭐️ is 9/10.

I think the catalog was horror.

Favourite film was the one with Elliot when he jumps the fence school pays off.

The movie was very awesome super duper looper oak bar good.

The school pays off.

The movie was awesome I really enjoyed all of the films my two favourite were school pays off and never give up I think it was horror and comedy.

The Olympians

I loved playing basketball out side it was very fun our whole team got to have the ball and shared it around but the bad part was when Roman got hurt (ouch poor Roman) we won the first round then we won the second game it was a fun game and I really enjoyed it thx Olympians 😆